Untapped Potential: New Horizons in Psionics (Expanded Version)

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Unlock the potential of the mind! Untapped Potential is a full sourcebook for 3.5 psionics, and its 190-plus pages are packed full of new options for DMs and players alike.

Included in the book are:

  • Expanded class and feat options for psionic races.
  • Two new base classes (the Marksman and the Society Mind) and a variant psion (the Devoted Psion).
  • Over 40 new feats for psionic characters, including a new type of feat (the Mantra) for any character.
  • Twelve new prestige classes, including the Knight Meditant, the Maverick Voidshaper, and the Sighted Seeker.
  • Psionic organizations, NPCs, and items -- including new types of cognizance crystals and a new class of item, the crystalic.
  • Ten new monsters, including templates, dragons, and one type of monster suitable for use as the focus of an entire campaign.
  • And more!

This version of Untapped Potential includes full artwork and illustrations and cover art. Included in the download is a copy of the original release of Untapped Potential.

Written by Jeremy Smith / Brian Dupuis / Michel Fiallo-Perez / Greg Jacob