The Merchant War

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The Merchant War is the first supplement for Iron Stars. Here, you will find much to expand upon the basic Iron Stars game, including:
  • A detailed history of the Merchant War of 1908-1909 between the United Kingdom and Austria-Hungary;
  • The introduction of fast attack craft and His Majesty's Space Station Celestial Queen;
  • One dozen new ship designs, including the German √Ąthermarine and Austro-Hungarian Sternmarine;
  • Six new scenarios covering actions of the Merchant War;
  • More information about Martians by the best-known chronicler of the Invasion, H. G. Wells;
  • Additional rules for combat, including crew casualties and searchlights;
  • New special equipment, such as machine guns and poison gas;
  • Errata for the original Iron Stars rulebook; and
  • Rules for including freighters and Q-ships in your games.
In addition, The Merchant War includes counters for the ships involved in the scenarios provided and an additional mine template.

Written by Daniel Kast / Matt Curtis