The Forgotten Futures Compendium

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    Publisher Marcus Rowland
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A new supplement for the Forgotten Futures RPG, containing material that for one reason or another hasn't been included in the main releases of the game:

The League of Extraordinary Geometers

A Crossover Adventure For Forgotten Futures & The Original Flatland Role Playing Game

When the High Circle vanishes in front of hundreds of witnesses, the only possible answer is abduction into the Third Dimension. Are the adventurers up to the task of rescuing him? Not that they actually have much choice about trying, of course . . .

Curse of the Leopardmen

A Forgotten Futures Adventure By Alex Stewart

Murder and mayhem strike an isolated British colony, and there's evidence that the murderer is more . . . or less . . . than human. Can the first victim's odd account of an airship journey hold the clue? The only way to find out is a voyage into the very heart of darkness . . .

The Advertising Supplement

Victorian & Edwardian Advertisements & Scenario Ideas

What secrets lurk behind the lurid claims of advertisers? Are their products entirely safe, or even slightly effective? And who are those odd people who want to thin your hair, lighten your complexion, make you drunk or buy your false teeth? A brief sprint through the world of period advertising, with scenario outlines and verse by the late great William McGonagall.

Written by Marcus Rowland / Alex Stewart