The Fantasy Trip Melee

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  • Contents
    12" x 22.5" game map
    86 counters
    3 dice

    Publisher Steve Jackson Games
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    UPC / ISBN 080742099586
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"Clean, fast, and deadly." -- David Ritchie, Ares Magazine #1, March 1980

A classic game of fantasy combat. Create characters in just a few minutes – then send them into the arena. Winners become stronger and faster for the next battle. Losers die.

Each counter in this fast-moving game is a single warrior. Players choose weapons and tactics for their fighters and send them into combat against men, beasts, or monsters – to victory, or death.

Includes rulebook, 12" x 22.5" game map, 86 counters, and 3 dice.

This is the basic combat system for The Fantasy Trip.

For all things Fantasy Trip be sure to visit https://thefantasytrip.game/