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There never has been, I suppose, in all the world, in all the history of war, such an opportunity for youth. The Knights of the Round Table, the Crusaders, all fall back into the past - not only distant but prosaic; these young men, going forth every morn to guard their native land and all that we stand for, holding in their hands these instruments of colossal and shattering power, of whom it may be said that

"Every morn brought forth a noble chance And every chance brought forth a noble knight,"

deserve our gratitude, as do all the brave men who, in so many ways and on so many occasions, are ready, and continue ready to give life and all for their native land.

--Winston Churchill; June 4, 1940

Spitting Fire is a pseudo-historical game of aerial combat, set during the turbulent years of World War II.

Between 1939 and 1945, nearly the entire globe became entangled in the most expansive and destructive conflict ever seen. Although responsible for unimaginable terror and tragedy, the war also gave birth to innovation and invention on an unprecedented scale.

With Spitting Fire, players can take control of the aircraft forged in this crucible of conflict, and battle each other in skies the world over! We should state at the outset that those who are aching for a historically-accurate, painstakingly-researched, richly-etailed simulation of World War II dogfights should probably look elsewhere. While such games can be exciting, they aren't what we had in mind. However, if you want a fast-playing, fun game that gives a nod to history without getting bogged down in historical minutiae, then Spitting Fire is for you.

Written by Daniel Kast