Ogre Playmat M6 W23!

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    One 24" x 24" fabric playmat with rubber backing

    Publisher Steve Jackson Games
    Stock Number SJG10-8006
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Ogre Playmat M6

Take some time to lay on the beach . . . or at least, storm it! Ogre Playmat M6 is a GEV playground, with lots of water, roads, and even a beach and GEV ramp. Defending this map against a GEV raid is a tactician’s nightmare. [Hint: Howitzers help!]

Each map is a 24” x 24” fabric map with rubber backing. Ogre Playmats M6 & M7 are designed to geomorph with many previous playmats in the M-series. When combined, they create a massive battlefield upon which you can wage the battles of the Last War!