Munchkin #17

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Munchkin Knights Ad

Spyke competes in a medieval tournament to win the princess in "My Faire Munchkin," but his "strategy" puts him in a world of hurt. See how his lute-playing halfling squire helps him prevail against the toughest knights in the kingdom, and find out what kind of princess Spyke desires. Then, read on as Far East meets beast in John Kovalic's comic operetta, "Munchkin Fu Mikado."

Look in the back pages of the issue for a special promo code and a bonus Munchkin rule!

If you order Munchkin #17 from Warehouse 23, we will include the Official Munchkin Bookmark of a Hard, Dazed Knight! and five random promo cards with your order free of charge!*

 Cover Illustrated by Scott Maynard.

Mike Luckas also joined up with Steve Jackson Games for the Munchkin Legends Guest Artist EditionAvailable now at Target.

*Offer expired 11/25/2016