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They were not lying; the rumors were true. Before you is the entrance to The Labyrinth. If the tales can be believed the place is full of monsters: Seven-headed hydras, a tricephalic hound of hell, huge one-eyed giants, and women who lure you to your death with plaintive songs of seduction. And, it is said, here even the gods wander the earth. The Labyrinth is a place where many go in, but few find their way out. Fewer yet are the adventurers who are brave enough to face the Minotaur, the fearsome man-bull who rules The Labyrinth. Yet even they outnumber the survivors of a confrontation with that Beast . . . .

Labyrinth is a solo designed to challenge one first- or second-level warrior at a time. Beware — finding a path out of The Labyrinth will not be easy. Enter if you dare.

This is a Solitaire Adventure for use with the Tunnels & Trolls game system. You will need the Tunnels & Trolls rules to play.

Written by Lee Russell