High Psionics: Psionic Feats

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Feats grant characters a variety of options to develop and excel in their chosen paths. For psionic manifesters, the feat options are sometimes limited.

Dreamscarred Press is proud to release High Psionics: Psionic Feats, a compilation of more than 60 feats, most brand new and never before seen! Included are new general, psionic, mantra, and epic feats for use in your psionic campaigns. With feats that can be selected from first level into epic levels, this release has something for every psionic character.

Contained within the downloaded file are two copies of High Psionics: Psionic Feats: a full-color version and a printer-friendly version. Both are fully bookmarked and ready for use!

Written by Jeremy Smith / Greg Jacob / Andreas Rönnqvist