Hearts Swords Flowers

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The three girls stood together in the center of the darkened hall, their robes blowing about them in the rising wind. The time had come for them, as avatars of the Three Goddesses, to face the demonic storm which threatened Tokyo - and, if not halted, the entire earth. "Ready," said Deirdre. As was appropriate to the avatar of Kali, dark goddess of birth and murder, she was garbed in thin black silks, with a belt of skulls around her waist. Her long hair spun in wild patterns, framing her pale face in a veil of dark crimson. One upraised hand held a set of ofuda charms, each one a spell waiting to be cast.

"Concentrate," warned Leonie. Her rainbow robes swirled in a mass of whirling colors, confusing the eyes of any watcher. Half-formed creatures of mist lurked around her feet and rose above her head. "Under the guidance of Maya, Goddess of Illusion, let the enemy be confounded!"

"Wai wai!" cheered Rebecca, bouncing up and down. Her sparkly pink and green robes glowed in the torchlight. "Go gettem! Yatta!" Dragonflies and butterflies wheeled around her in dizzying pinwheels, and flowers sprang around her feet as she drew on the power of Eos, the Goddess of the Dawn.

The darkness pooled and puddled in the corners of the hall, and a figure rose to take shape, mantled in furs and velvets blacker than any of Deirdre's shadows. A great panther rubbed against his legs, baring teeth in a vicious hiss. The man's predatory eyes fixed on the three teenagers, and he smiled, a tiny movement of sensuous lips. "At last," he whispered. "I, Barucco, shall be reborn upon this earth . . ."

Triple Goddess Jeopardy, episode 15

Hearts, Swords, and Flowers is the definitive sourcebook for Shoujo gaming in the Big Eyes, Small Mouth universe. It is was published by Guardians of Order under their Magnum Opus imprint.

Written by Genevieve R. Cogman / Bruce Baugh / Alexander Williams