Gloom: Unhappy Homes 2nd Edition

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    55-card deck of transparent cards

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Home is Where the Heart Is
(Buried Beneath the Floorboards)

When art lets you down, the Black Duck is there for you. This dingy cafe is home to a motley assortment of washed-up bohemians. Here the tormented painter Rosseau buys drinks for neurotic models and destitute poets, while a troubled actress and sickly courtesan compare notes across the way. 

The Unhappy Homes expansion for Gloom expands the game with Residences and Mysteries. These new cards give your wretched relatives a place to hang their hat, if they can survive the bumps in the night. It also includes a new family, les artistes of Le Canard Noir, whose creative endeavors always end in disaster. 

To use Unhappy Homes, just mix its 55 transparent cards together with your other Gloom cards to add morbid new Modifiers, Events, and Untimely Deaths to your unfortunate entertainment. 

New Rules for Unhappy Homes 

Each family has an associated Residence card. At the start of the game, place your Residence next to your family on the table. 

Mysteries are the only cards that can be played on Residences; you can't play Modifiers or Untimely Deaths on Residences. 

Mystery cards have blue text and are mixed into the deck. You may place a Mystery on any Residence during your turn as either of your two plays. A Mystery gives a special effect to the owner of the Residence, and its Self-Worth points are added to that player's final Family Value. 

In Unhappy Homes 2nd Edition, Residences and Mysteries have been reworked so that you can no longer end up with unusable cards in your hand. 

Unhappy Homes expands the Gloom core game so it can be played with up to five players. Even if you have other expansions that add even more families, games with more than five players aren't recommended. 

Please note that these cards, which appeared in Unhappy Homes 1st Edition, were not included in the second edition:

  • A Cunning Plan
  • Digging Up the Past
  • Squashed by a Shoggoth
  • Was Boiled in Broth
  • Ran Out of Luck
  • Disappeared in the Fog
  • Was Done In by a Twin
  • Dallied with Dignitaries
  • Dined with the Duke
  • Was Spurned by a Spinster
  • Was Tortured by Toddlers
  • Was Humbled by Hosting
  • Was Tickled by Tentacles
  • Was Vexed by Vampires
  • Was Frightened by Fungus
  • And the Thing in the Attic
  • And the Mournful Muse
  • And the Fatal Feast