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Lights, Camera, Wait For The Bus...

Posted: January 04, 2004

Man, as if the gig at Deadwood Studios wasn't bad enough, now you're working On Location.

Top 10 For December

Posted: January 03, 2004

Check out Warehouse 23's best selling items for December on the Warehouse 23 Top 10 page.

Unending Adventure

Posted: January 02, 2004

The world of Glorantha continues to expand with the Convulsion 4 Program Book, The Zin Letters #1, The Shadows of Pavis, and the Gloranthan Map Set.

Mechanized Excitement!

Posted: January 01, 2004

d20 Mecha provides a detailed d20 system point-based creation toolkit for all things mecha, while the BESM d20: Character Folio keeps the complete story of any BESM d20 or d20 Mecha anime character in one place!

Dungeon Crawl With An Anime Feel

Posted: December 31, 2003

Offering multiple levels of mayhem, packed with a plethora of bizarre NPCs and hideous monsters, Big Eyes, Small Mouth: Dungeon puts an anime spin on the traditional dungeon adventure.

Enemy Unseen

Posted: December 30, 2003

Archipelagos: The War of Shadows is the first in the Trilogy of Shadows campaign adventure series. The land is prepared for all-out battle against whatever depredations the enemy might unleash. Now, if only the enemy would show up!

Merchandising: Where The Real Money Is Made

Posted: December 29, 2003

Ever wondered about all the wonderful tie-in products for XCrawl? What about advertising, fans, sponsors, and all the rest? Welcome to the world of the Sellout!

Heroes Unlimited Just Got More Unlimited

Posted: December 28, 2003

The Heroes Unlimited GM's Guide, Century Station, and Gramercy Island expand the Heroes Unlimited universe even further.

Psychic Horrors or Bloodthirsty Pirates

Posted: December 27, 2003

Mythic Vistas: Mindshadows blends the rich legends of Southeast Asia with furious martial arts action. Or . . . step off the dry land and adventure on the Spanish Main with Skull & Bones.

The Penguins Have Had Enough

Posted: December 26, 2003

"We hereby declare this land a dreadfully dull place, and demand from our Emperor: a party." Can the Emperor's court jesters provide enough entertainment to satisfy The Penguin Ultimatum?

Above The Fray

Posted: December 25, 2003

In the valleys of the Alps, Hermetic culture and magi have flourished. Ars Magica: Sanctuary of Ice takes familiar elements of Hermetic culture and rebuilds them, without the scrimping and compromises of life at the edge of the Hermetic lands.

New Miniatures!

Posted: December 24, 2003

We've just added 16 new Iron Kingdoms: Warmachine miniatures to Warehouse 23.

Swashbuckling Adventures In Fantasy Space

Posted: December 23, 2003

Embark on an adventure beyond the clouds with Aether & Flux: Sailing the Traverse. As sailing ships and elven ormralest embark into the traversal frontier, heroes' lives are forever changed.

Do You Know Where Your Characters Are?

Posted: December 22, 2003

Dying Earth Maps contains three full-color poster-sized maps created by the artist Sarah Wroot, suitable for framing or for use in your Dying Earth game.

The End Of Days!

Posted: December 21, 2003

Angels walk the Earth once again and the Old Gods have returned. Will this be enough to stop the darkness? Armageddon: The End Times is a fantastic setting filled with angels, demons, gods . . . and the humans struggling to survive and even triumph.