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Expand Your Game

Posted: November 20, 2003

Signs & Portents 2, Signs & Portents 3, and Signs & Portents 4 provide support for all of Mongoose Publishing's lines, and explore Ivanova, Garibaldi, and the alien Pak'Ma'Ra from Babylon 5.

Alternate Realities

Posted: November 19, 2003

Shades of Earth is an alternate-Earth historical roleplaying game. The first supplement, House of Vega - Shadows of War, explores the Spanish Civil War as it might have happened.

The Other Side Of The Looking Glass

Posted: November 18, 2003

The Plush Cheshire Cat is the purr-fect gift for fans of the classic Alice in Wonderland.

History - Done Your Way

Posted: November 17, 2003

A Magical Medieval Society: Western Europe allows GMs and players to export the feel of medieval times without being tied to the history.

Pick A Card, Any Card . . .

Posted: November 16, 2003

This official oversized 54-card Savage Worlds: Oversized Action Deck keeps your game moving like lightning, and features gorgeous full-color art.

More Data Than Your Rap Sheet

Posted: November 15, 2003

Shadowrun: Rigger 3 expands on this useful class, offering advanced rules for robots, ships, and more. Shadowrun Character Dossier provides 16 pages to record all of a characters details.

Creatures And Villains Of The Age Of Shadow

Posted: November 14, 2003

Midnight: Minions of the Shadow provides in-depth information on the creatures under Izrador's command.

Sidhe Sells Sea Sails . . .

Posted: November 13, 2003

7th Sea: The Sidhe - Book of Nightmares introduces the Sidhe as they truly are - a complex race of beings driven to experience Théah in every way possible. And when a party tires of dry land, 7th Sea: Ships and Sea Battles has everything needed to adventure on the high seas!

Bloody Mayhem

Posted: November 12, 2003

Roleplayers looking for that added touch of violence in their games can create a military campaign from Blood and Guts: Modern Military or start a martial arts free-for all with Blood and Fists: Modern Martial Arts.

Army Envy?

Posted: November 11, 2003

Diceland: Space - Extra Space contains eight new dice for use with any Diceland set.

Show Your True Colors!

Posted: November 10, 2003

Mechwarrior Faction Dice allow MechWarrior and BattleTech players to show their loyalty to their chosen faction: Swordsworn, Bannson's Raiders, Dragon's Fury, Highlanders, Spirit Cats, or Steel Wolves.

Don't Settle For Less

Posted: November 09, 2003

A beautifully designed plastic game board with drop-in tiles and plug-in roads and settlements enables you to enjoy Settlers of Catan: Travel Edition almost anytime and anywhere.

Cutting Edge Science Fiction For Any Taste!

Posted: November 08, 2003

Whether it's the giant mecha combat of the Heavy Gear Player's Handbook or the deep space combat of the Jovian Chronicles RPG Player's Handbook, the Silhouette system has a world for any science fiction gamer.

The Universe Is Not A Safe Place!

Posted: November 07, 2003

Big Nasty Aliens features a huge number of new sentient races and assorted creatures for the CORE Command universe.

This Month, It's A Race To The Moon

Posted: November 06, 2003

Cheapass Games' One False Step for Mankind is a complex and full-color board game about Gold Rush towns with vast resources and only one thing to spend them on: shooting a rocket to the moon.