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Every Superhero Deserves An Arch-Enemy!

Posted: January 07, 2004

Kick any Mutants & Masterminds campaign into overdrive with this comprehensive guide to Crooks! Assume the role of a supervillain or do battle against the nearly 100 foes detailed within!

A Living Prophecy

Posted: January 06, 2004

In Morningstar, the world has become a beacon to those who wish to destroy, subvert, or conquer. Celestials, demons, devils, gods, and The Strangers compete with men, elves, dwarves, and halflings to recast this idyllic planet in their own images.

Join The Archers Of Legend!

Posted: January 05, 2004

Races of Renown: Bow & Blade offers the terrible secrets of blood magic, the deadly grace of the speardance, and other innovative options to customize an elf character.

Lights, Camera, Wait For The Bus...

Posted: January 04, 2004

Man, as if the gig at Deadwood Studios wasn't bad enough, now you're working On Location.

Top 10 For December

Posted: January 03, 2004

Check out Warehouse 23's best selling items for December on the Warehouse 23 Top 10 page.

Unending Adventure

Posted: January 02, 2004

The world of Glorantha continues to expand with the Convulsion 4 Program Book, The Zin Letters #1, The Shadows of Pavis, and the Gloranthan Map Set.

Mechanized Excitement!

Posted: January 01, 2004

d20 Mecha provides a detailed d20 system point-based creation toolkit for all things mecha, while the BESM d20: Character Folio keeps the complete story of any BESM d20 or d20 Mecha anime character in one place!

Dungeon Crawl With An Anime Feel

Posted: December 31, 2003

Offering multiple levels of mayhem, packed with a plethora of bizarre NPCs and hideous monsters, Big Eyes, Small Mouth: Dungeon puts an anime spin on the traditional dungeon adventure.

Enemy Unseen

Posted: December 30, 2003

Archipelagos: The War of Shadows is the first in the Trilogy of Shadows campaign adventure series. The land is prepared for all-out battle against whatever depredations the enemy might unleash. Now, if only the enemy would show up!

Merchandising: Where The Real Money Is Made

Posted: December 29, 2003

Ever wondered about all the wonderful tie-in products for XCrawl? What about advertising, fans, sponsors, and all the rest? Welcome to the world of the Sellout!

Heroes Unlimited Just Got More Unlimited

Posted: December 28, 2003

The Heroes Unlimited GM's Guide, Century Station, and Gramercy Island expand the Heroes Unlimited universe even further.

Psychic Horrors or Bloodthirsty Pirates

Posted: December 27, 2003

Mythic Vistas: Mindshadows blends the rich legends of Southeast Asia with furious martial arts action. Or . . . step off the dry land and adventure on the Spanish Main with Skull & Bones.

The Penguins Have Had Enough

Posted: December 26, 2003

"We hereby declare this land a dreadfully dull place, and demand from our Emperor: a party." Can the Emperor's court jesters provide enough entertainment to satisfy The Penguin Ultimatum?

Above The Fray

Posted: December 25, 2003

In the valleys of the Alps, Hermetic culture and magi have flourished. Ars Magica: Sanctuary of Ice takes familiar elements of Hermetic culture and rebuilds them, without the scrimping and compromises of life at the edge of the Hermetic lands.

New Miniatures!

Posted: December 24, 2003

We've just added 16 new Iron Kingdoms: Warmachine miniatures to Warehouse 23.