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It's Good To Be A Gamer

Posted: July 06, 2004

And don't you know it. Make sure other people know it too. Women can show off their hobbies with the Gaming Goddess Crop Top, while anyone can go unsettle the neighbors with the very happy smiling Eye In Pyramid T-Shirt.

Build A Universe, Blow It Up

Posted: July 05, 2004

Rifts: Megaverse Builder lets you in on the big picture behind the entire Rifts Megaverse. Once you've got the details straight, watch out for Naruni Wave 2, because some annoyed alien weapons merchants aren't too happy with your little corner of the Earth, and it's a bad idea to annoy people selling weapons . . .

Barbarians Against Sorcery

Posted: July 04, 2004

There's never been a barbarian quite like Conan, and you can meet him again in the latest adaptation of the Conan setting to a roleplaying game. Conan the Roleplaying Game drops him into the d20 System this time around, while The Scrolls of Skelos expounds upon the mysteries of sorcerery within that setting.

A Time For Every Purpose

Posted: July 03, 2004

It's rummy with a twist; this time, the cards are based on the months of the year, and everything from holidays to birthdays to leap years can change the way the game moves. Seasons is a lovely strategy card game with full decks for four different players.

Warehouse 23 Top 10 Catchup

Posted: July 02, 2004

Check out Warehouse 23's top selling items for May and June at the Warehouse 23 Top 10 page.

Ready To Get Medieval?

Posted: July 01, 2004

Want a little more historical flavor in your fantasy games? The Medieval Player's Manual brings the Dark Ages to the d20 System with new magic and miraculous gifts to emulate the beliefs of the time, plus plenty of historical background, new classes, and everything else you need to step into the 1100s.

German Imports

Posted: June 30, 2004

Long popular in Germany, The Dark Eye is a fantasy roleplaying game only recently translated into English. Now you can explore that world with The Secret of the Blue Tower and Witching Hours, a compilation of two introductory adventures for the setting.

A Pack Of Wandering Barbarians

Posted: June 29, 2004

When you need a quick horde of orcs on the tactical map, cardboard counters are a cheap and easy way to provide loads of wandering menaces. Tribes, Clans & Cults gives you hundreds of disposable minions to use. If you're calling up your own minions, try Summoned Creatures, full of cannon fodder critters to fight back.

Deep In The Pit

Posted: June 28, 2004

It's crass, it's self-abusive, and you wouldn't want to meet any of the characters involved. But you probably have. Welcome to In the Pit #1, the first issue of Eden's new comic about dysfunctional gamers.

Nordwick Saga

Posted: June 27, 2004

The party heads north in Nodwick #24, the newest issue of the comic about our favorite henchman. When a sea serpent sent by your offended gods is destroying all of your ships, Nodwick and his employers are probably the last people you want to hire to fix the problem. Pity that these Norsemen haven't realized that. Yet.

Because The Zombies Keep Eating People

Posted: June 26, 2004

When you're trying to stomp the zombies in All Flesh Must Be Eaten, the zombies keep stomping back, and it's easy to run through those PCs awfully fast. Fortunately, there's The Book of Archetypes 2, full of yet more Norms, Survivors, and Inspired, ready to step up and try not to be eaten.

Spy Games

Posted: June 25, 2004

The d20 game of covert operatives, Spycraft, has both sides covered. Agency gives you all the rules you need to build a top-secret agency that's the envy of the CIA, while Mastermind shows you how to set up villains that can bring those agencies to their knees.

Cute Creepy-Crawlies

Posted: June 24, 2004

You've seen the plush germs, but what do you do when everyone's already gotten the flu? Move on to the critters, of course! Giant Microbes has branched out into slightly larger creatures with its plush Dust Mite, Book Worm, and Bed Bug. Cuddly, leggy, and ready to nibble their way into your arms.

Books, Dice, Action!

Posted: June 23, 2004

The Action! System is a generic system with supplements out for all sorts of genres and settings. Gunslingers: Wild West Action! takes a trip to the land of gunsmoke and cattle, while San Angelo: City of Heroes deals with a fictional Californian city of superheroes and mystery.

Eye Of The Dragon

Posted: June 22, 2004

It's hard being a dragon. When it's not your own people trapping you in the center of a volcano, it's those gnomes chip-chip-chipping away at the mountain itself, or your squabbling hordes of minions. But there's a prophecy of great things yet in store for you . . . Solusek's Eye presents a new area for the EverQuest RPG.