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Vampires And Werewolves And Ghouls, Oh My

Posted: July 27, 2004

Return to the classic example of high-fantasy horror and gloom with White Wolf's new Ravenloft Core Rulebook. There's no time for brooding on the terror when things in the night are bumping up against your door wanting to come in for a snack.


Posted: July 26, 2004

In the world of Midnight, the darkness has conquered all. The City of Shadow stands as proof of that, with an impossibly tall black tower in the middle of what was once a bright city. But Sorcery and Shadow has a touch of magic for you, and with magic, there's always a glimmer of hope.

Radioactive Danger Is More Fun

Posted: July 25, 2004

Oh, sure, everyone's ready to play in a post-apocalyptic world crawling with danger, but what about the poor GM who's responsible for coming up with all the appropriate challenges and evil out there? Good thing the Gamma World Game Master's Guide is waiting for you.

Open Hand, Closed Hand

Posted: July 24, 2004

There are two paths to walk in Legend of the Five Rings. With the Way of the Open Hand there is no need for weapons, only the control over the body which acompanies enlightenment. On the other path, for those who would trust steel and wood, perhaps you would prefer The Complete Exotic Arms Guide?

A Slurm Of Plush

Posted: July 23, 2004

Add a little more unworldly terror and incomprehensible horror to your life with the new Call of Cthulhu toys: Plush Secret Agent Cthulhu, Plush Baby Nyarlathotep, Plush Deep One, and the Cthulhu Hand Puppet await to engulf you in their foul embrace.

More Shirty Goodness

Posted: July 22, 2004

You've played the game, you might have even lived the life . . . but do you have the Chez Goth T-Shirt? Yes? In that case, you still need the IOU Sweatshirt to keep you warm at night, and to keep the ArchDean from becoming . . . annoyed. We wouldn't want that.

Webcomics R Us

Posted: July 21, 2004

Queen of Wands fans, rejoice! We have two T-shirts from the illustrious Aerie, starting with the saucy READ shirt (available as regular T-shirts and baby dolls) and followed by the Broken Image T-Shirt.

Cute Little Ninja

Posted: July 20, 2004

Girly ninja, have no fear: for you there is honorable apparel with which you may terrify your enemies and lull the unwary into a false sense of security. Behold, the Guaranteed Delivery Baby Doll and Kiss The Ninja Camisole. To go without would bring shame to your clan.

Death From Above

Posted: July 19, 2004

Your d20 System campaign has traveled the land, sailed the oceans, and even explored the depths of the world underground . . . But has anyone tried looking up? Aerial Adventure Guide: Sky Captain's Handbook presents a wealth of information for creatures of the sky, flying ships, and even entire floating cities.

Without A King Of Your Own

Posted: July 17, 2004

The king has died (as kings seem so prone to doing right before a card game starts) and the god, Blue Moon, has traipsed off somewhere. Naturally, this means everyone is taking the opportunity to duke it out for control.

Lunch Time

Posted: July 16, 2004

Lunch Money needs no introduction, but its fans need shirts. Fortunately, there are options out there. Pick your favorite card from Hail Mary, Chain, Imaginary Friend, Time Out, and more.

Keep On Killin'

Posted: July 15, 2004

Haven't had enough of that slaying goodness? The Slayers d20 Roleplaying Game offers a new sourcebook for the entire series in one volume, complete with full-color pictures and a nice solid hardcover binding to hit people with when your Dragon Slave spell fails.

Dawning Of The Age Of Legends

Posted: July 14, 2004

Dawnforge is a setting from the epic age of a fantasy, back when enmities were new and the legends were still being made. Path of Legend takes fledgling heroes on their first steps to greatness, as they search for the answers to the secrets of magic itself.

Got Loot?

Posted: July 13, 2004

Every proper adventuring party is out to collect themselves a good stock of booty. Declare your devotion to loot-collection along with Nodwick and his employers with the Show Us Your Chest T-Shirt.

Kids Against Evil Rats

Posted: July 12, 2004

With Portable Adventures, you can mix and match card sets for quick and easy adventure play. Try Set 01: Lair of the Rat-King. Try Set 02: 8th Grade. Try them both together and see how well your hall monitor does against the Ratling Horde . . .