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More Bang For Your Buck

Posted: August 22, 2004

Those shadowruns aren't half as much fun if you're outgunned, are they? Fortunately, for every runner who's ever wanted a hefty chunk of firepower to haul along, there's the Cannon Companion, full of things that go swish, thwack, bang, and BOOM.

Yet More Evil!

Posted: August 21, 2004

It's just not a proper d20 System fantasy adventure without a good dose of evil, preferably the ancient sort. Arcanis: In the Shadow of the Devil doesn't disappoint in this regard, as it contains betrayal, heresy, murder, and a bonus antediluvian menace!

Across The Megaverse

Posted: August 20, 2004

More mega-powerful O.C.C.s, more places explored, more adventures and fiction for all the places in the megaverse. As always, Palladium is ready to give you even more with The Rifter #26 and The Rifter #27.

Woe, Woe, Woe!

Posted: August 19, 2004

Torment your players and learn how to properly spell xxyth with Violet Dawn: Denizens of Avadnu, a tome of horrible creatures eager to leap upon unsuspecting PCs and rip them to shreds. As always, there's a d20 System supplement to help you in this noble goal.


Posted: August 18, 2004

It's not your enemies you need to worry about. It's yourself, and who you are when you aren't yourself. Races of Legend: Slaves of the Moon explores lycanthropes, from the lowly wererat to the fearsome weretiger, for the d20 System. You're not afraid of the moon, are you?

One Super Year

Posted: August 16, 2004

With adventures, new rules, and articles from an all-star team of writers, Annual #1 comes smashing through the wall to present you with 128 pages of super-powered goodness for your Mutants & Masterminds game.

Things That Go Boom In The Night

Posted: August 15, 2004

Dark, spooky, and superpowered. Doc Midnight is looking for fresh blood in his fight against evil. Want to join? Check out Nocturnals: A Midnight Companion, a Mutants & Masterminds setting full of secret societies, creepy superpowers, and more hauntings and curses than you can shake a finger bone at.

Wargame In A Box

Posted: August 14, 2004

Fiery Dragon Productions brings two new wargames to the table in snappy little tins with their Counter Strike Wargame line. Arriba EspaƱa! throws you into the thick of the Spanish Civil War, while Autumn Mist sends you to that classic conflict, the Battle of the Bulge.

Epic Adventure

Posted: August 13, 2004

High fantasy doesn't just come to the Hero System, but sets up residence with the new campaign setting, The Turakian Age. Of course, it wouldn't be high fantasy without epic combat, which is exactly why you'll want Fantasy Hero Battlegrounds to rampage through.


Posted: August 12, 2004

The year is 1946, but World War II is far from over. Take to the skies in the Luftwaffe 1946 DVD, the official animated release for Ted Nomura's best-selling alternative history war series.

Vacationing In Europe

Posted: August 11, 2004

Up for an idyllic visit to the mythic Europe of Ars Magica? Wander over to the misty palace in Cause and Cure, where there's not so much difference between magus and grog as you might think. Then take a trip to another part of the continent, and join a tribunal to judge the The Fallen Fane.

Stalwart Warriors and Mystic Mages

Posted: August 10, 2004

Mongoose Publishing continues to expand their support for the Babylon 5 roleplaying game with two new sourcebooks for the setting. Check out the aggressive and honorable Narn, or explore the mysteries of the Techno-Mages.

Magic On The Streets

Posted: August 09, 2004

This is the world before magic went commercial, before the slingers all signed up with the corporations for a sweet record deal, back when it was spells on the street and the wrong words could get you dead. Wyrd Is Bond.

Grave Of The Gods

Posted: August 08, 2004

Uresia, the high-fantasy setting of dead gods and endless ambition, comes to the d20 System with the new release of the setting as Big Eyes, Small Mouth d20: Uresia - Grave of Heaven.

Across The Continent In 80 Trains

Posted: August 07, 2004

When you're one of the idle rich, you have nothing better to do than make ridiculous bets on improbable subjects. Like figuring out who can visit the most cities in North America in 7 days, using only trains. Pick up your Ticket to Ride in the board game of cross-country train adventure.