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Warehouse 23 Top Ten

Posted: September 03, 2004

Check out Warehouse 23's top selling items for August at the Warehouse 23 Top 10 page.

Make New Friends

Posted: September 02, 2004

Travel to new worlds, meet new people, hope they're not trying to kill you. Stargate SG-1 hits its second season with Friends and Foes, and First Steps provides a sourcebook for all sorts of new unexplored worlds where you can help (or hide from) the natives.

Dangerous Beasties

Posted: September 01, 2004

For fans of Monte Cook's Arcana Unearthed, Legacy of the Dragons brings new hordes of nasties to your game, from akashic seeker to zetetic. Sure, it also includes NPCs and feats and what not, but what you really want is the things with pointy teeth for devouring unwary PCs.

It's Only A Plush Wound!

Posted: August 31, 2004

Monty Python. Plush. Hats. What more excuse do you really need? Are you going to make me try to justify things like the Tim the Enchanter Plush Hat and Plush Holy Hand Grenade? I didn't think so. Might as well take a look at the Plush Mini Black Knight and Plush Grim Reaper.

Teeny Tiny Giant Monster

Posted: August 30, 2004

For those who prefer their gigantic terrifying monsters somewhat miniaturized (possibly in order to destroy miniaturized cities), you can now get the most classic monster in more convenient dimensions with the Plush Mini Godzilla.

More Positive Apparel

Posted: August 29, 2004

Fans of Something Positive have already seen these, but let's share the love with the world and let other people know about the wonders of these shirts. The Lock Baby Doll will keep your chest safe, and the Brighter Blessed T-Shirt lets you strut your superiority. We don't really want to know what you do with the Bukkake Boxers.


Posted: August 28, 2004

The fans of Dork Tower need never worry about going about unclothed, for there will always be appropriately themed T-shirts for them to wear. Pump iron at Igor's Gym, find a meal with Will Game for Food, or stand out in your tie-dye Dorkstock T-Shirt.

Igor, Throw Open All The Stops!

Posted: August 27, 2004

Ever needed atmospheric music for your game, and found that your old "101 Spooky Sound Effects" CD just wasn't cutting it anymore? Midnight Syndicate offers CDs full of instrumental pieces for the creepy, epic, or gothic as needed. Try Born of the Night, Realm of Shadows, Gates of Delirium, and Vampyre.

Way Back In The 1990s

Posted: August 26, 2004

Knights of the Dinner Table: Tales From the Vault #1 collects the classic KoDT strips from its earliest appearances in magazines, back when it was filler and before it became a rampaging behemoth of gaming magazine power.

At The Crossroads Of The Lower Planes

Posted: August 25, 2004

A twilight world, where a black sun casts even darker shadows through the forests of pale deadwood trees. Demon hunters and soul traders mingle with denizens of the lower planes. Midnight Realm takes Talislanta to a darker place than before.

Lurking In The Dark

Posted: August 24, 2004

Every proper classic fantasy game, if it ever gets out of the dungeon and into a city, brings up the Thieves' Guild. City Quarters: Thieves' Quarter gives you a whole section of the city to work with, and all sorts of nefarious inhabitants to torment your players with.


Posted: August 23, 2004

The new hardcover printing probably isn't sturdy enough to provide you with armor against weapons fire, but with Classic BattleTech: Master Rules, every bit of protection helps. Expand your game further with the Technical Readout: 3057 Revised, or take to the skies again in AeroTech 2.

More Bang For Your Buck

Posted: August 22, 2004

Those shadowruns aren't half as much fun if you're outgunned, are they? Fortunately, for every runner who's ever wanted a hefty chunk of firepower to haul along, there's the Cannon Companion, full of things that go swish, thwack, bang, and BOOM.

Yet More Evil!

Posted: August 21, 2004

It's just not a proper d20 System fantasy adventure without a good dose of evil, preferably the ancient sort. Arcanis: In the Shadow of the Devil doesn't disappoint in this regard, as it contains betrayal, heresy, murder, and a bonus antediluvian menace!

Across The Megaverse

Posted: August 20, 2004

More mega-powerful O.C.C.s, more places explored, more adventures and fiction for all the places in the megaverse. As always, Palladium is ready to give you even more with The Rifter #26 and The Rifter #27.