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Beware Of Plants

Posted: December 09, 2004

Just because it's rooted to the ground doesn't mean it's not dangerous. And some vegetation isn't even rooted down all that firmly . . . Wanderers Guild: Primeval Groves lets you wind vines around the feet of foolhardy adventurers in the d20 System.

The Pebble Leads The Avalanche

Posted: December 08, 2004

In the game of Blue Moon, rival factions battle it out for control now that the old ruler has died. Expand your options with the whimsical Khind, weak alone but powerful together, or the sturdy Terrah, masters of earthquakes and storms.

Helping The Hopeless GM

Posted: December 07, 2004

Fear not, for the Angel Director's Screen is here, full of charts, aids, and a ready-to-run adventure following the adventure presented in the core book. And, if all else fails, you can use the screen as a shield from the dice and blows of your angry players.

D20 Lite

Posted: December 06, 2004

Fantasy campaigns don't have to be wacky, but sometimes it helps. The Tome of Levity is packed full of silly, nonsensical, or oddly useful spells of an amusing kind. If a spell like "Edible Torch" isn't enough reason to pick up this book, what possibly could be?

A Little Good News

Posted: December 05, 2004

Need a touch of Something Positive in your life? Here's a place to start. The Murr shirts are now available in baby dolls, there's a way to proclaim your opinion on Hygiene, and tell people you are the cause of a Saving Throw vs. Sexy. Positive clothing makes for a positive day!

A Message From Friend Computer

Posted: December 04, 2004

The computer requests that all loyal citizens immediately proceed to their nearest Information Access Terminal and purchase Paranoia XP and the Paranoia XP Gamemaster's Screen. Failure to purchase these products is treason. Purchasing The Traitor's Manual instead is treason. Have a nice day!

Chivalry, Betrayal, Etc.

Posted: December 03, 2004

Was King Arthur quite so noble, his knights so honorable, his enemies so malicious as the stories have made them out to be? It all depends on how you play the cards . . . Camelot Legends lets you play it out yourself. Just hope you're not the poor knight stuck with the card for the Holy Grail quest.

Drac Is Back

Posted: December 02, 2004

It's not enough to just jab a stake through a vampire's heart and then pop back home for a cup of tea these days, oh no. Now you have to battle through his minions while sneaking through the catacombs, and that's before you even get around to whacking the vampire himself. Dracula's Revenge is fiendish indeed.

A Clever Shiny Ploy

Posted: December 01, 2004

Distract the other players with the purchase of Classic BattleTech Master Rules: Collector's Edition. Once all of your friends are admiring the spiffy hardcover book, you can study up on handy resources like the House Steiner handbook or the Guide to Covert Ops. At last, your superior knowledge will triumph!

Wizards In Spaaaaaace

Posted: November 30, 2004

Always wanted to send your sorcerer to the stars, but never knew where to start? The Dragonstar: Essential Collection collects five handy books that can let you play the the spaceships-and-magic game you've been missing out on.

Find Holy Places, Take Their Stuff

Posted: November 29, 2004

Masterwork Maps: Temples and Shrines presents a variety of holy (and unholy) grounds for your characters to go tromping through. Does it really matter which forgotten god that statue depicts when the statue is made of gold? I didn't think so.

Bunnies Are Boring

Posted: November 28, 2004

Everyone's done plush bunnies. Toothy bunnies, cutesy bunnies, happy bunnies, grumpy bunnies. But who's done a bunny that goes beyond the call of bunnyhood? That's when you need the Bunnywith, Bunnywith Tentacles, Bunnywith Baby. They're so much more than ordinary bunnies.


Posted: November 27, 2004

You've done horror, jungles, kung-fu. Your movies have bored millions to tears. But it's time for a new genre, your tiny director's heart calls out to you. It's time for B-Movie Card Games: Bell-Bottomed Badasses on the Mean Streets of Funk.

Into The Woods

Posted: November 26, 2004

What, you thought only stone dungeons held adventure? Take a walk through the Haunted Woods of Malthorin or go poking around in the Den of the Wererats, and see if you've changed your mind. Dungeoneer card games can also be combined, so if you really want a forest inside a den, it's all good!

Handier Than A Vulcan With A Tricorder

Posted: November 25, 2004

The Klingon G1 Gunboat brings you eye-to-hex with a staple of the Klingon Deep Space Fleet, with the first deck plan for GURPS Prime Directive.