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Clergy In Black

Posted: December 27, 2004

Nodwick #25 takes the story of our hapless henchman on a new quest, as the mysterious forces of good send the whole crew packing to recover and safeguard certain ancient artifacts of great power. And in Nodwick #26, the party reaches whole new heights . . . literally. Of course, getting down is the hard part.

For The Cheap Wargamer In Us All

Posted: December 26, 2004

Want to throw massive armies at each other at a fraction of the cost of standard miniatures? With the Budget Battlefield Universal Miniatures Rules, you get all the rules you need, plus terrain and two complete armies to print and use. The Science Fiction Army Pack #1 adds more options with vehicle-laden scifi armies.


Posted: December 25, 2004

City of Secrets takes Arcanis players deep into the mysteries of Nishanpur, where the Devil-Kings struggle to return to power over the efforts of those who still oppose them. And, of course, it offers lots more spells, prestige classes, magic items, and monsters, because what d20 System sourcebook would be complete without those?


Posted: December 24, 2004

Feng Shui is all about mystical powers, martial arts, time-hopping conspiracies, secret societies, and, of course, explosions. Blowing Up Hong Kong gives you the resources you need to run amok in the city where it all goes down.

The Grass Is Always Greener . . .

Posted: December 23, 2004

One False Step For Mankind took you to the moon! Unfortunately, you've since discovered that it's not much fun to mine dust and cheese. With all the odds against you, it's time for the brave lunar pioneers to take One False Step Home.

Civilized Gaming

Posted: December 22, 2004

Tired of every culture in your fantasy campaign being just another Medeival Europe derivative? Penumbra: Seven Civilizations offers distinct new cultures to drop into any fantasy campaign, from nomads of the plains to descendants of the dragons.

In The Valley Of The Zola Fel River

Posted: December 21, 2004

Beyond Pavis takes you deeper into the Glorantha setting, and acts as a companion to the illustrious and hefty Pavis and Big Rubble. Full of cultural information, setting details, and more, it's a must-have for serious Glorantha fans, much like most every Glorantha publication ought to be.

Presidential Plush

Posted: December 20, 2004

We really don't have much of an explanation for these. In fact, we're trying not think about them if we can help it. However, if you would like a squishy version of the current President of the United States for some dark reason of your own . . . we can help you with that. The George Bush Cuddly Pillow and the George Bush Chibi Plush Figure.

Stories And Magics

Posted: December 19, 2004

The world of Arcana Unearthed is a strange one, but there are ways to discover its secrets. Mystic Secrets takes you deep into the heart of how magic works, with new ceremonies and options. Children of the Rune collects stories from across the setting, giving you new ways to see how the world works.

Because Finished Works Weren't Cutting It

Posted: December 18, 2004

Greg Stafford's pre-finished works compile notes, old material from previous versions, maps, and other information about the Glorantha setting. Glorantha: Arcane Lore is the newest release in this line, and serious fans who are more interested in information than standard binding will want to check out all the titles.

Talking About Glorantha

Posted: December 17, 2004

The Glorantha fantasy setting has an active (one might even say fervent) fan base, and Warehouse 23 carries several of the fan-published resources for this setting. Tradetalk #14 is another issue from The Chaos Society, with articles from Kumanku to the Marthino Sea.

Ho, Ho, Horror

Posted: December 16, 2004

Tis the season for terrifying one-shots, and the Fright Night series is more than happy to provide. Send your players through a variety of creepy and ghoulish locations for the d20 System. Polar Terror takes you to a land of eternal ice, What Went Down sends you to the depths of the sea, Asylum leaves you trapped in a madhouse, and Haunted School abandons you in that most terrifying of all locations: high school.

The First Fantasy Campaign

Posted: December 15, 2004

While the ultimate origins of roleplaying may be a little on the fuzzy side, Blackmoor is happy to claim the name of first fantasy campaign. Go back to where it might have all begun with Dave Arneson's classic fantasy setting, updated for the d20 System.

Light In The Shadows

Posted: December 14, 2004

In Midnight, darkness has conquered the world, and now only a few handfuls of resistance fight back against the overwhelming evil. In Fury of Shadow, the last stronghold of elven rebellion is at risk, and only you can keep an entire race from finally succumbing to the night.

Fuzzy Dice!

Posted: December 13, 2004

They're squishy dice that you can even roll. What more needs to be said? Pick up your 8-Sided Plush Dice and 12-Sided Plush Dice to make sure all the children you know have a head start on a good long gaming career.