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Revolutionary Girl Utena

Posted: January 21, 2005

Yet another anime series is now out in a colorful fan guide with stats for Big Eyes, Small Mouth; you can get the first two seasons with The Rose Collection and The Black Rose Saga.

Gloranthan Societies

Posted: January 20, 2005

The Zin Letters #2 brings more fan-created content for the setting of Glorantha, with a detailed look at Kralorela, Loskalm, and more.

Signifying What?

Posted: January 19, 2005

Signs & Portents #14 and Signs & Portents #15 give you the latest scoop on all the wacky wonderful things Mongoose Publishing has been doing with its products. Conan, Babylon 5 . . . that sort of thing.

Beware The Geeks Of Jim Con

Posted: January 18, 2005

Deep in their basements they lurk, cackling over their precious treasures, until the ancient call brings them out into the dim light of that most sacred and ancient of gatherings. And now once again it is time for the epic Geek Wars. The first deck contains a fearsome lot of RPG gamers, sure to send you screaming into the light.

Fushigi Yugi, Volume Three

Posted: January 17, 2005

If you've seen the anime, you already know you want Fushigi Yugi: The Mysterious Play Vol. 3, conveniently statted out for Big Eyes, Small Mouth. If you haven't seen the anime . . . well, you'll probably want to before buying the book.

Down By The Bay

Posted: January 16, 2005

Every superhero team needs a place to call home. The East Coast seems to be full, so take a trip to scenic Vibora Bay, a Gulf Coast city full of tourism, culture, commerce, and the requisite megalomaniacal villains determined to take over the world.

Darker Villains

Posted: January 15, 2005

If a snake theme just doesn't do anything for you in your Champions game, you'll be happy to meet DEMON: Servants of Darkness, a villainous group just waiting to do some sort of wacky occult . . . thing. You know, whatever it is that servants of darkness tend to do. Turn off the lights, cackle, and so forth.

An Army Of Four To Six, Levels 10-12

Posted: January 14, 2005

Spycraft appeals to the player who wants covert ops and cinematic spy action, but there's a place for some grounding in reality. U.S. Militaries covers all four military branches, with information both factual and anecdotal about everything from artillery to submarine tactics.

Really Flat Kobolds, Cheap!

Posted: January 13, 2005

Counters are a quick, cheap way to get around the cost of metal miniatures for tabletop gaming when you want to represent critters on a battlemap. Counter Collection Digital lets you print your own, while Counter Collection I: The Usual Suspects has solid cardboard counters for the classic creatures of fantasy gaming.


Posted: January 12, 2005

It may be hard to keep the original from disappearing, but fortunately the plush versions seem to stay where they're put. The Plush Mini Cheshire Cat has green eyes, a wide grin, and is more or less guaranteed not to fade away before your eyes. Recommended for Wonderland fans with little storage space.

Requisite Evil Reptillian Species - Check

Posted: January 11, 2005

Ssethregore - it's not just a name that's hard to pronounce, it's the empire of the obligatory evil serpent species! Go stomping through the swamps to slaughter the evil, and take the Player's Guide to Arcanis along for more information.

Saddle Up

Posted: January 10, 2005

The core classes for most d20 System products allow for mounted combat, but don't have much support for it. The Cavalier's Handbook steps in to fill the gap, with an entire book of information for the ideal knight.

Wait, It's Not About The Blood?

Posted: January 09, 2005

Thought you knew vampires backwards and forwards, huh? See, they're undead critters who suck blood - hah! Fooled you! They're actually living conduits of negative energy, who channel and destroy the stuff. No, really, that whole blood thing is just sort of a side-effect. Read all about it in The Complete Guide to Vampires.


Posted: January 08, 2005

In 1937, Japan invaded China. In 1941, the invasion was over. Play either side in the Counter Strike Wargame: Battle for China, or even run a three-player game with a third player running the Chinese Communist forces. Take an evening's time and see if you can rewrite history.

Shadowrun, Yay

Posted: January 07, 2005

North America isn't what it used to be. But with the right tech and the right information, you can still run the shadows there with the best of them. State of the Art: 2064 and Shadows of North America can give you what you need. Unless you'd rather go in there without . . .