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Keep On Killin'

Posted: July 15, 2004

Haven't had enough of that slaying goodness? The Slayers d20 Roleplaying Game offers a new sourcebook for the entire series in one volume, complete with full-color pictures and a nice solid hardcover binding to hit people with when your Dragon Slave spell fails.

Dawning Of The Age Of Legends

Posted: July 14, 2004

Dawnforge is a setting from the epic age of a fantasy, back when enmities were new and the legends were still being made. Path of Legend takes fledgling heroes on their first steps to greatness, as they search for the answers to the secrets of magic itself.

Got Loot?

Posted: July 13, 2004

Every proper adventuring party is out to collect themselves a good stock of booty. Declare your devotion to loot-collection along with Nodwick and his employers with the Show Us Your Chest T-Shirt.

Kids Against Evil Rats

Posted: July 12, 2004

With Portable Adventures, you can mix and match card sets for quick and easy adventure play. Try Set 01: Lair of the Rat-King. Try Set 02: 8th Grade. Try them both together and see how well your hall monitor does against the Ratling Horde . . .

We're Going To Need More Guns

Posted: July 11, 2004

More stuff for your heroes! Champions: Gadgets and Gear is a Hero System book of fun toys to use for blowing up (or saving) the world. And you'll need all the gear you can get, because Reality Storm throws you up against villains from both the Champions and Silver Age Sentinels in a reality-warping crossover!

Testify To The Horror

Posted: July 10, 2004

There's something out there. Ghosts. Slashers. Horrors. You're not sure where they came from. It doesn't make any sense. But there's a mystery to be solved, and you're trapped inside it. The Testimony of Jacob Hollow. A most disturbing little card game.

All Hail Zodon!

Posted: July 09, 2004

When Zodon takes over the world, you know whose side you want to be on, right? (Yes, he's still in elementary school at ps238, but it pays to plan ahead.) Proclaim your allegiance and avoid the Death Robots with your Minion of Zodon T-Shirt. (No aptitude for independent thought is required to apply for this job.)

Death By Guitar

Posted: July 08, 2004

Okay, so there's not a lot of actual violence involved. But that doesn't mean the competition isn't fast and furious in Battle of the Bands, a wacky little card game about building the "best" band you can.

It's Good To Be A Gamer

Posted: July 06, 2004

And don't you know it. Make sure other people know it too. Women can show off their hobbies with the Gaming Goddess Crop Top, while anyone can go unsettle the neighbors with the very happy smiling Eye In Pyramid T-Shirt.

Build A Universe, Blow It Up

Posted: July 05, 2004

Rifts: Megaverse Builder lets you in on the big picture behind the entire Rifts Megaverse. Once you've got the details straight, watch out for Naruni Wave 2, because some annoyed alien weapons merchants aren't too happy with your little corner of the Earth, and it's a bad idea to annoy people selling weapons . . .

Barbarians Against Sorcery

Posted: July 04, 2004

There's never been a barbarian quite like Conan, and you can meet him again in the latest adaptation of the Conan setting to a roleplaying game. Conan the Roleplaying Game drops him into the d20 System this time around, while The Scrolls of Skelos expounds upon the mysteries of sorcerery within that setting.

A Time For Every Purpose

Posted: July 03, 2004

It's rummy with a twist; this time, the cards are based on the months of the year, and everything from holidays to birthdays to leap years can change the way the game moves. Seasons is a lovely strategy card game with full decks for four different players.

Warehouse 23 Top 10 Catchup

Posted: July 02, 2004

Check out Warehouse 23's top selling items for May and June at the Warehouse 23 Top 10 page.

Ready To Get Medieval?

Posted: July 01, 2004

Want a little more historical flavor in your fantasy games? The Medieval Player's Manual brings the Dark Ages to the d20 System with new magic and miraculous gifts to emulate the beliefs of the time, plus plenty of historical background, new classes, and everything else you need to step into the 1100s.

German Imports

Posted: June 30, 2004

Long popular in Germany, The Dark Eye is a fantasy roleplaying game only recently translated into English. Now you can explore that world with The Secret of the Blue Tower and Witching Hours, a compilation of two introductory adventures for the setting.