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Many Much More Munchkin

Posted: August 24, 2005

Just when you thought you had every conceivable piece of Munchkin merchandise . . . surprise! It's the Munchkin Cover Poster.

Hail To The Queen, Baby

Posted: August 21, 2005

What's worse than an 8-foot, silent, alien killing machine that bleeds acid? How about its 16-foot mommy? Get a huggably-soft taste of that horror with the Alien Queen Chestburster Plush Replica. It may not be full grown, but at least it fits in the front door.

Plush Rulebook Not Included

Posted: August 20, 2005

A plush d6 or d20 may suffice for the sake of novelty, but when it comes to getting the job done, two dice just aren't enough. Toy Vault recognizes this and has released the Fuzzy Dice: Plush Polyhedral 7-Die Set. Fully compatible with popular fantasy roleplaying games that are in their third (and a half) edition!


Posted: August 19, 2005

Space pirates? Check. Amazons? Check. Ninja? Check. Catgirls? Check! Batten down the hatches (and the poolboys), SPANC (Space Pirate Amazon Ninja Catgirls) drops you into the frenetic, furry, and funny world of space pirate amazon ninja catgirls, their toys, and their boys.

The Lesser Of Two Evils. Kinda.

Posted: August 18, 2005

Savage Worlds: Necessary Evil presents an intriguing scenario: An alien force is invading Earth. The superheroes of Earth attack the aliens. Naturally. They are summarily annihilated. Oops. This leaves all the supervillains with nobody to beat up. So, they turn on the aliens. And then it gets really interesting. . .


Posted: August 17, 2005

Straight from the thirteenth Godzilla episode comes the principal villain: Plush Megalon! He has spades for hands and shoots laser beams out of his head! (Note: Plush does not actually shoot laser beams out of its head. We think. Warehouse 23 is not liable for damage from imaginary laser beams.)

It's Not Offensive. It's Honest.

Posted: August 16, 2005

Maybe they don't realize that acting like a stuck-up, self-centered, self-righteous, egotistical, obnoxious, overbearing, rude, malicious, fnord for brains isn't a viable lifestyle option. Explain the situation to them subtly with the Something Positive: Alternative Lifestyle shirt.

Who's Who, What's What, And When's When

Posted: August 15, 2005

Bring yourself up to speed on all the happenin' happenings in Talislanta with The Chronicles of Talislanta. What it lacks in elves it more than makes up for in . . . other stuff.

Trust No One

Posted: August 14, 2005

The Illuminati: Someone You Trust Poster looks innocent enough, with its black and red coloring, its bold, black lettering, and the unblinking, all-seeing eye. . . hey, wait a minute, it doesn't look innocent at all!

Tasteless, But Catchy

Posted: August 13, 2005

It's hard to write a joke about a game called Spank the Monkey without going completely beyond the bounds of good taste. So, in the interest of maintaining dignity, we will just say this: please buy Spank the Monkey.

Your Word Of The Day

Posted: August 12, 2005

Anachronism. Noun. 1. The representation of someone as existing or something as happening in other than chronological, proper, or historical order. 2. A really fun game in which famous historical figures beat each other up in gladiatorial combat.

Common Courtesy

Posted: August 11, 2005

Despite the game's name, cards in Blue Moon are hardly rare. Indeed, you can buy a set such as Blue Moon: The Pillar or Blue Moon: Emissaries & Inquisitors - Allies and know precisely what you're getting into every time. If only the rest of life were so convenient . . .

Fully Compatible With Any Flat Surface

Posted: August 10, 2005

The Chez Geek Poster is a remarkably useful item. Use it to cover an escape tunnel on your cell wall. Shield yourself from the harmful rays of the sun. Flag down a passing ship. Use it as fuel for your campfire. Or, if you like, simply hang it on your wall and look at it. The possibilities are endless!


Posted: August 09, 2005

Fresh from the ugly tree, having hit every single branch on the way down (some twice), it's the Call of Cthulhu: Plush Gug. He's pink, mean, and ready to terrify your friends, family, pets, and probably your plants.

Here Kitty, Kitty- Argh!

Posted: August 07, 2005

Who wouldn't want an 11" by 17" poster of a creepy black cat with piercing yellow eyes that follow you around the room? We certainly can't think of anyone. That's why we sell this Spooks: Cat Poster.