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For The Cheapskate Inside Us All

Posted: April 21, 2004

You've heard about BESM d20 - lots of options and system you know you can find players for - but with so many RPGs out there, can you afford one more? Fortunately for the cheap gamer, there's Big Eyes, Small Mouth d20: Stingy Gamer Edition. No art, small print, lower price, all the rules.

Beer And Bread

Posted: April 20, 2004

After a long day at work, there's nothing quite like sitting back and relaxing with some carb-heavy beer and bread. And who can you thank for these things? Why, none other than your friendly neighborhood Yeast. Give that little organism a hug. It's done so much for you.

Battle Of The Isms

Posted: April 19, 2004

Communism, capitalism, fundamentalism, fascism, imperialism . . . Sure, they sound dull, but what if you're calling the shots? Ideology: The War of Ideas sets you up as your very own -ism, battling it out with other players for resources, territory, and cultural influence.

Destiny Is Written In The Cards

Posted: April 18, 2004

It was one of the most dramatic periods in Chinese history: lords and kingdoms battled it out for the control of an empire, and allies could become enemies in a heartbeat. (Or, more commonly, with a knife in the heart.) The Romance of Three Kingdoms Card Game lets you rewrite history in your own image.

Exquisite Tomes Of Delightful Learning

Posted: April 17, 2004

The Dying Earth RPG presents three new books for you, gentle reader, to peruse. Begin with Turjan's Tome of Beauty and Horror, a treatise on those most dangerous of men, magicians. Then step along to Demons of the Dying Earth, where unreliable advice on dealing with occult forces awaits. The Primer of Practical Magic brings your journey to a close with wondrous magics of peculiar nature.

Nyah, Nyah

Posted: April 16, 2004

Playground fights have never looked so good. See your enemies fall before you in truly embarassing ways with the Humiliation T-Shirt, based on the card from the Lunch Money card game.

Test Your Fu

Posted: April 15, 2004

Have you studied the art of defeating your enemies while looking really cool in the process? Are you dissatisfied with the paltry bonuses to your damage that do not express the true power of kung fu? Then Martial Arts Mayhem will give you all you need to make your fu in the d20 System impressive in both effect and style.


Posted: April 14, 2004

Freeport has always been known as a pirate city, but in Black Sails Over Freeport, it's time for even those bloodthirsty scoundrels to get nervous. War, rioting, invasion . . . Who knew that a city accustomed to existing on the brink of anarchy could actually run into a crisis it can't handle?

Honor. Swords. Rabbits.

Posted: April 13, 2004

The Usagi Yojimbo Roleplaying Game brings the manga to your game table, so that you too can follow in the steps of that katana-wielding anthropomorphic lagomorph through the wilderness and cities of ancient Japan.

Tech And Cash

Posted: April 12, 2004

In 3026, it seems like everyone is at war, with a dizzying array of mecha, tanks, and aircraft. Fortunately, Classic BattleTech: Technical Readout - 3026 Revised is there to explain all that tech. And if you're looking to make a living in this turmoil, Field Manual: Mercenaries Revised can tell you how.

Defenders Of Freedom

Posted: April 11, 2004

Every supers setting needs a group that fights for freedom, justice, and all that is good. That's what UNTIL does. Of course, they need someone to fight against, and that's where Sharper Than a Serpent's Tooth comes in, with an enemy so insidious the criminal organization it's using doesn't know what's going on.

A Monstrous Idea

Posted: April 10, 2004

In this civilized and enlightened age, we no longer entertain ourselves with brutal gladiator fights. More's the pity. Fortunately, you can slake your bloodlust with Monstrosity, a card game of arena battle. And it's even better this time around, because mad scientists have ways of improving the things fighting down there . . .

Masterwork Painting

Posted: April 09, 2004

Some people dabble in painting miniatures; others take it seriously. For the serious painter, Reaper offers the Master Series of paintbrushes. These brushes are designed for the highest quality detail work in painting miniatures, for when your scantily-clad elf maiden wielding two katanas has to look just right.

Technicolor Dinos

Posted: April 08, 2004

The joy of dinosaurs, the joy of toys. Fortunately, there's one near-perfect fusion of joys: Beanosaurs, 30 different dinosaurs (and a few not-dinosaurs like the Quetzalcoatlus) in cute beany-filled plush toys. For those who prefer fantasy, there are also mini Fat Dragons to get in on the cute reptilian cuddling.

Where Legends Come From

Posted: April 07, 2004

Elves hate dwarves, dwarves hate elves, everyone hates orcs, and the dark elves hate everyone. Ever wonder how it all started? Dawnforge takes you back to the time when the races were young, and heroes were becoming legends. Age of Legend is the player's guide to the setting, with even more races to play.