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Taking Babylon 5 Further

Posted: March 26, 2004

Mongoose expands its Babylon 5 RPG (and a few other lines they publish) with their house magazine, Signs & Portents. Find out more about Mr. Morden in Signs & Portents 5, serve the Centauri Republic with new prestige classes in Signs & Portents 6, or check out the most recent issue in Signs & Portents 7.

Because You're Still Stuck On Earth

Posted: March 25, 2004

Rapture brought a very literal type of post-apocalyptic gaming to the d20 System, and now Fist of God takes that premise even further. Heaven and Hell war across their chosen battleground of Earth, and all of humanity is caught in the middle, between powers they can barely begin to comprehend.

Ninja Of The Future

Posted: March 24, 2004

Sneak into the future with Burger Tech, a Ninja Burger RPG expansion of giant robots, schoolgirls with magic powers, supervillains from outer space, and, of course, fast food delivery. Even when the world has changed, there is need for the tasty Ninja Burger delivered straight to the door of your space fortress.

Vacationing In EverQuest

Posted: March 23, 2004

Up for a lunar expedition? Take a jaunt on Luclin, with an eye out for monsters in the wilderness. If you're more in the mood for an idyllic nature trip, visit the Forests of Faydark, but try not to trip over any orcs. Or interact with some of the colorful native peoples of this lovely land, guided by the Monsters of Luclin.

Because Non-Euclidean Monsters Need Love Too

Posted: March 22, 2004

It's squishy, it's slurmy, it's just a little creepy, it's the Shoggoth plushie toy. Cuddle up with an amorphous many-eyed horror at night and dream of cities beneath the sea. Just make sure to keep it away from pets, children, neighbors, valued houseplants . . .

For Honor. For The Franchise.

Posted: March 21, 2004

Now you can show your dedication to the Ninja Burger fast-food chain with T-shirts that will bring honor to your household. Creep about in the black Dim-Mak shirt, or hide your ninja qualities with the gray Guaranteed Delivery shirt.

Like . . . Dude.

Posted: March 20, 2004

Celebrate the USA's favorite illicit mind-altering substance with a new variation on the game of Fluxx, Stoner Fluxx. Because some games are a little bit better when you're a little bit high.

Power Games And Mind Games

Posted: March 19, 2004

When it comes to power, it's all about making other people bend to your wishes. Rule from on high with the blatant political power of The Noble's Handbook, or manipulate more secretly with the powers of The Psychic's Handbook. One way or another, they'll do what you want . . .

Squishy Goodness

Posted: March 18, 2004

Cheapass Games takes on computer games again with Dr. Blob's Organism, a fast-paced game of blob-blasting as bad bacteria try to escape from their petri dish prison. Everyone loves a game with squishy, moist sound effects.

Evolution Gets Aggressive

Posted: March 17, 2004

You don't have millions of years to change; if you want to survive after the apocalypse, you'd better start adapting fast. Exploit ancient tech, avoid radiation sickness, make use of your mutations, and try to survive when twisted creatures come after you. Darwin's World will do its best to kill you. Are you going to let it?

Into The Big Blue

Posted: March 15, 2004

Sail the high seas with Savage Worlds: 50 Fathoms, where pirates plunder the treasures of a land long ago buried deep beneath the waves. While you're down there, get the Customizeable GM Screen, and decorate it with your own watery art or the downloadable images Great White Games offers for all its settings.

Not Quite Lord Of The Flies

Posted: March 13, 2004

Abandon your kids on an island with The Kids of Catan, the children's version of the Settlers of Catan board game of island colonization. With big bright playing pieces and incredibly simple rules, even itty-bitty children can play this resource-gathering game.

Scene Of The Crime

Posted: March 12, 2004

Two new Crime Scene supplements give you more places to take your modern d20 campaign. Stick to the rational world of science with the attention to detail of Forensics. If that's a bit too ordinary for you, investigate crimes that make much less sense with the otherworldly twists in Supernatural.

Made From Super Metals

Posted: March 11, 2004

Silver Age Sentinels has its archetypical superheroes. Now you can have them too, with the pewter miniatures line. Show off the Iron Duke, the Robot Army, the Red Phoenix, or the Green Ronin. (Some painting required. Superpowers sold separately.)

Anything For A Price

Posted: March 10, 2004

All upright and loyal citizens follow the laws of the Dragon Empire. But for those times when you need something that's not quite legal, there's always someone willing to deal . . . for a price. Smuggler's Run gives you the rundown on smugglers for Dragonstar, from government spies to black-market weapons dealers.